The Best Seafood Restaurants in Rhode Island

From restaurants to markets to chefs' recipes, here are our favorite ways to get our seafood fix in the Ocean State.

The lobster chow mein at Evelyn’s Drive-In. Photography by Angel Tucker.

Seafood Shakedown

Must-try dishes that take a twist on traditional. By Jamie Coelho

Evelyn’s Drive-In
What is it: Lobster chow mein.
Why it’s Delicious: Chow mein noodles and gravy made in Fall River, Massachusetts, have been a staple in this area since the 1920s, so it only made sense that the crispy noodles would serve as the perfect bed for chunks of freshly shucked, tender lobster meat topped with the famous gravy.
Location: 2335 Main Rd., Tiverton, 624-3100,

Anthony’s Seafood
What is it: Kung pao calamari.
Why it’s Delicious: If you have tried kung pao chicken from your local Chinese takeout spot, then this dish will be not only familiar, but better. Crisp squid rings are coated in batter and fried, then tossed with hot peppers, crunchy peanuts, scallions and drizzled with a sweet plum chili sauce.
Location: 963 Aquidneck Ave., Middletown, 846-9620,

Newport Lobster Shack
What is it: Lobster cakes, lobster bites and lobster strips.
Why it’s Delicious: If you love clam cakes, try the Lobster Shack’s version made with lobster in the middle. The fried lobster bites and strips are geared toward the youngest visitors who might give the crustaceans a try when it arrives in a familiar state similar to chicken nuggets.
Location: 50 Long Wharf, Newport, 847-1700,

Bristol Oyster Bar
What is it: Lobster rangoon.
Why it’s Delicious: Chef Dave Snow creates beet-infused dough using handmade pasta and beets from Four Town Farm. The pink pockets are stuffed with hand-picked lobster meat and a combination of cream cheese, ricotta and Narragansett Creamery’s Atwell’s Gold cheddar, then lightly fried into an ultra-crispy, savory treat and paired with a roasted garlic butter sauce.
Location: 448 Hope St., Bristol, 396-5820,

DeWolf Tavern
What is it: Steamed mussels.
Why it’s delicious: The chef puts a spicy spin on shellfish with mussels that are bathed in an aromatic broth made with creamy coconut milk, mustard seeds, chilis and curry leaf, punched up with ginger.
Location: 259 Thames St., Bristol, 254-2005,