Ocean House

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The Ocean House ladies’ room is decorated with pink-striped wallpaper and Victorian-style artwork depicting women in petticoats, affectionately called the “Victorian Ladies” collection. “The origins are unknown but they are loved by all guests that enter the room,” says Laurie Hobbs, Ocean House’s group director of public relations and marketing. Hilary Pierce Hatfield, art consultant for Ocean House and the Royce Family, shared some of the known history behind the artwork. “Women of the period took up drawing and painting as a pastime, particularly women from wealthy families as these women seldom worked,” Pierce Hatfield says. “Clearly the artist has a broad knowledge of the fashion of the period, with subjects depicted in a wide array of colorful gowns and wardrobe for all occasions, from formal evening attire to day dresses and sporting wear. The pieces are numbered in some cases, indicating the artist was creating a series.” 1 Bluff Ave., Watch Hill, 855-678-0364, oceanhouseri.com