Tell Us Your Story

A few weeks back, I heard a really interesting interview with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on NPR. I didn’t catch all of it, but the mayor was trying to predict the future of the city’s financial industry. With Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns out of biz and headline (and wallet) grabbing crooks like Bernie Madoff behind bars, how could a city built on the back of Wall Street ever make a comeback? The mayor pretty much took a necessity breeds ingenuity approach — traders will strike out on their own, market analysts will build boutique firms, I-bankers will, well, find a creative way to make scads of money. Though some of this cheerleading is certainly political speak, I think the mayor has a point. There are a lot of super creative, talented people out there in all different sectors — tech, finance, journalism, education, etc., etc, — who will use this as an opportunity to start over: build something, invent something, do something they may have never had the guts to leave their “stable” job to do.

And this brings me to my point. Rhode Island has no doubt been hit especially hard by the recession, but it is also a place touted for its independent and scrappy spirit.

The other editors and I have been thinking it would make an interesting story to profile a few people (all ages, all job sectors welcome) who have turned a less than ideal situation (i.e. being downsized) into a new opportunity. Given that we are now the Creative Capital, we imagine there are some pretty great — and inspiring — stories out there. If you know one, shoot me an email at lharrison@rimonthly.