Take This Job and…

Thanks to the Jet Blue guy – the modern day working man’s hero (complete with 100,000-plus fans on Facebook) — the blogosphere is positively buzzing with the most amazing “I quit” stories. Fact or fiction, it makes no difference. They’re totally fun to read (for blog research purposes, of course). Here are three of my favs:

Let’s start with Jet Blue dude Steven Slater. His story just keeps getting better. The F-bomb. The slide. The beer. And – the pièce de résistance – apparently he was gettin’ it on when cops came to his house. Really.

Then there’s dry-erase-board woman. This once can’t possibly be real. She’s way too good on camera for it to believable. But the premise deserves props – calling out your boss for tormenting the troops while spending his day on Farmville. Her approach for giving notice is savvy too – a sequence of thirty-four photos (all utilizing said dry erase board) emailed to the entire staff.

Finally, a third runner up – phone guy. This one’s gotten less attention, but it deserves retaliation points. Just before he decided to tell his boss to go to H, he called his grandmother in Omen – from his work phone – and instructed her to leave the phone off the hook. He then locked his phone in his drawer, where it was discovered on Monday a.m. Some seventy hours later. Touche!

So what does this all mean? A revolution is afoot? We’re all one nasty memo away from losing it? Who knows! As always, thoughts – and fun quitting stories – in the comments….