Take the Plunge

Nothing erases the after-effects of a night of heavy drinking (temporarily, at least) quite like a swim in the Atlantic in January with a couple hundred (equally crazy) people. So if you’re feeling particularly brave tomorrow morning, head down to one of several local beaches for a bracing New Year’s Day swim. Most events ask for a donation to go towards a local charity, so you don’t have to feel totally off your rocker for participating.

Newport Polar Bear Club
Join them at noon at Easton’s Beach to benefit A Wish Come True. Memorial Blvd., 846-0028.

The Block Island Lion’s Club
Kicking off at noon at Fred Benson Town Beach on Block Island, donations go toward local charities. Corn Neck Rd., 800-383-2474, blockislandchamber.com.

Seawall Splash
This second annual event takes place at noon at Oakland Beach in Warwick. Donations go toward the restoration of a new carousel at the beach. To register, call 732-2727 or email obcarousel@cox.net.

**We’ll be nursing our hangovers at home tomorrow, so blog posts will resume on Monday. Happy New Year!!!