Take Our Rhody Quiz and Have a Chance to Win a Trivia Prize Package

Roberta Humble's gift basket of trivia books and games will be awarded to the Rhodiest of them all.

You might not have heard of Roberta Mudge Humble, but there is scarcely a person out there who can claim to be more committed to or passionate about America’s smallest state. The URI grad was born and raised in Westerly and is chiefly known for her award-winning work with the Westerly Armory, as well as her many Rhode Island-themed books and games. While we love Humble’s love for Rhode Island (and trust me, we really love it), she’s also a great person outside of that who knows all there is to know about our Ocean State.

We were lucky enough to have a chance to experience her kindness first hand, and because of it, we are proud to offer a complete collection of Humble’s Rhode Island-themed books and games as the grand prize for our “How Rhody Are You” quiz.

So give the quiz a shot and find out how Rhody you really are for the chance to win a Roberta Humble gift basket of books and games that are without a doubt, 100-percent Rhody. Her titles include The RIght to Crow, Rhode Island for the Naïve Native, The Historic Armories of Rhode Island, and many more, as well as the original Rhode Island themed games, including the trivia games “Rhode Test” and “Rhode Scholar,” and the card game “Rhode Block.”

However, Humble’s Rhody resume doesn’t end with her books and games (far from it, in fact!); Humble was also an English professor at Community College of Rhode Island (recently retired), a consultant for businesses from Woonsocket to South Kingstown, a former teacher at the New England Clerk’s Institute and Academy in Newport, a North Kingston Rotarian since 1987, a liaison to the Coast Guard Reserve, a foundation member of the Naval War College, and a member of both the Reserve Officers Association and the Corvette Club of Rhode Island.

She also has many hobbies, including classical piano, watching NASCAR, kayaking and amateur interior design, and her students rave about her friendly demeanor. We can vouch for that.

The quiz will run from January 22 to 28. Take our “How Rhody Are You” quiz.



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