How to Set a Swoon-Worthy Holiday Table

The Savory Grape's Jessica Granatiero helps us set three distinct scenes for your guests.


Photography by Angel Tucker

Classic, Revisited

Red and gold: Few (if any) pairings are more regal or festive. A classic palette that so clearly connotes celebration doesn’t require fussy extras and is right at home among vintage elements (the backs of linen closets and china cabinets are prime places to find foundation pieces). Focus on accent heirlooms, such as grandma’s favorite tablecloth and auntie’s china, with cut crystal, gold-rimmed chargers, and add traditional wine glasses. For warmth, introduce wooden accents, such as butcher-block cutting boards, to display charcuterie. In lieu of fresh flowers, ground the table with a meandering evergreen swag and tapers for vertical interest. “The resulting aesthetic is homey and slightly masculine,” says Jessica Granatiero of the Savory Grape wine shop in East Greenwich, making it well suited for a game dinner or whiskey tasting.

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