Superlative Sandwiches for a Steal

Yesterday, I went old-school for lunch. Geoff’s used to be one of my favorite sandwich spots dating back (more years than I care to remember) to when I was at Moses Brown and it was cool to occasionally trek to Thayer for lunch. That Geoff’s is no longer there, but the one on Benefit is going strong. Even though they still have more sandwich options scribbled on their blackboard than I have time to read, I always order the same thing: the Juggs — an oh-so-healthy concoction of turkey, melted swiss, bacon, cranberry and Shedds spread (a mayo-Russian dressing combo). It tasted exactly as I remember it. So did the pickles, still sitting in (probably the same) help-yourself barrel. And the snarky staff was exactly as I remember them, too — I can’t believe I actually fell for it when the guy told me they were out of bread. The oldest one in the book! A sandwich shop out of bread. Hey, I’m rusty.

Well, Geoff’s does have one thing that’s new — an incredible deal on Tuesdays only: two sandwiches — your choice — for the price of one. So grab a buddy (it would be pretty, um, gross to consume two of these bad boys in one seating), pull up a worn wooden stool, and travel back in time.