StyleWeek’s Top Five: Wednesday Edition

Our five favorite things from StyleWeek on August 28.

StyleWeek Northeast’s runway shows are fabulous — that’s a given. But in addition to trendy styles trouncing down the bright white runway, there’s also a world of fashion attractions outside the ballroom doors. Here are our top five favorite things about Wednesday night’s StyleWeek, which featured collections from designers Kelly Zogheb, Evan Michael and Alistair Archer.


1. Alistair Archer’s Artful Prints

Archer’s ready-to-wear dresses look like they could be stretched and hung on a gallery wall. The painter, who has displayed his work in major cities all over the country, uses his artist’s eye to create wearable art that would flatter all shapes and sizes. We’d take one of everything in his spring/summer 2014 collection, but the piece at left was by far our favorite.


2. SEED Student Designs

Instead of student designs made for the runway, StyleWeek teamed up with accessories designers from Rhode Island College this season. The creations are displayed inside glass cases and range from wearable necklaces to rings that look downright medieval. Our favorite piece came from Cuong Abel Sy, a recent RIC grad headed to UMass Dartmouth for his masters in fine arts. His turquoise-colored neckpiece is funky, but still very wearable.


3. Fangirl Duds by Kelly Zogheb

Recent RISD design grad Kelly Zogheb created a collection for the manic pixie dream girl. Pink was the color, velvet was the fabric, sequins were the detail and fun was the essence. Watch a video below of one of her looks.

4. T*Racy’s Industrial Accessories

The Boston-based designer Tracy Belben is not only super friendly, but she also offers up some pretty edgy pieces for the everyday gal during the pre-runway, open-to-the-public Accessories Showcase. On Wednesday, Belben had a model wearing the chain bikini in the photo at left. She says she creates her chain link pieces because we all have a little bit of edge in us.


5. Evan Michael Industry’s Thought-Provoking Lingerie

The recent Mass College of Art and Design grad put a lot of thought into his collection — and his product sheet. Reading the designers in-depth, Harlequin-romance descriptions of his designs made the show all the more fun, and helped the audience get to the root of his inspiration. All ten designs were accompanied by a thoughtful, melancholy description — all of which perfectly fit the mood of his show. Here’s Evan Michael's description of the piece at left:

This lingerie ensemble is a manifestation of this muse’s memories of her lover and the complex dynamics of intimate relationships. The all consuming lace cape conceals the spirit’s vulnerability and physically represents the relationship’s lengthy history. The band-beaded leather bra and panty ensemble represents the emotional memories of past love, with the intrusive creeping of the beads representing the pain of longing slowly enthralling the memory.

Woah, deep.

Check back on RIDaily for more coverage of StyleWeek Northeast, which runs through Friday. 

The Details: Through Aug. 30. Shows start at 7 p.m. $30-$40. The Providence Biltmore, 11 Dorrance St., Providence,