StyleWeek Season 15: Spanning the Generations of Fashion

Zoe Grinfeld, Jonee Anderson and Lavanya Coodly brought mixed media to the runway through unusual fabrics and intricate patterns.

The designs of Zoe Grinfeld. Photos by Myke Yeager Photography.


Last night’s second installment of Styleweek Northeast’s Season 15 was a stunning display of three “generations” of local fashion making. There was Zoe Grinfeld, a boundary-pushing designer who also so happens to matriculate with RISD’s Class of 2020 (fun fact: Grinfeld is the first-ever student to show a collection at Styleweek Northeast as a result of the SEED Student Design Challenge – shout out to Meridien for making it all happen!); Jonee Anderson, an up and coming fashionista who only just attended her first fashion show in April of this year; and Lavanya Coodly, an established local boutique-owner who’s renowned for her Bohemian-luxe flair. Scroll on to see some highlights of the night as well as the future of East Coast style.

Jonee Anderson

Anderson kicked off the show with an assortment of sparkles and intricate prints, coming a long way since her humble beginnings as a seven-year-old learning how to join fabrics on a Barbie sewing machine. Each of the trendy (see colors: millennial pink, cobalt blue and deep gold), midriff-bearing looks were the perfect blend of sweet and sexy, and we can certainly see the people of Providence rocking any one of these wears come spring time.

The designs of Jonee Anderson. Photos by Myke Yeager Photography.

Zoe Grinfeld

Grinfeld, known for fashioning attire out of unusual fabrics and objects, changed up the vibe with a more vibrant, Harley Quinn/Hunger Games-esque fashion story (complete with multicolored leather floggers and bold makeup looks). Lively energy emanated from the models as they worked the runway and posed for the cameras. We were all pretty darn impressed by the imaginative, medium-mixing frocks, too. [See top photos]

Lavanya Coodly

Finally, Coodly brought her experience and keen eye for class to the table, closing the night with an array of ensembles that revitalized the New England chic genre with pops of eye-catching color. Though we do have to admit the sleeveless, crisp white designs made us a bit glum knowing that the warmer months are behind us, we’re now thinking of them as just another reason to look forward to summer 2019! (Also, does anyone else feel the urge to book a flight to London purely for the perfect excuse to wear that chic trench coat number? Just us? Okay.)

The designs of Lavanya Coodly. Photos by Myke Yeager Photography.

For more photos of Styleweek Northeast Season 15 Day Two, check out Myke Yeager Photography.



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