StyleWeek Season 14: Lincoln School Students Shine in Seedlings Design Challenge

Three incredible Lincoln School students showcased their fashion designs constructed completely from recycled materials.

StyleWeek Seedlings. Photos by Myke Yeager Photography.

Don’t throw that newspaper into the recycling bin! Did you know it could be weaved it into a dress? For StyleWeek’s opening night, three incredible Lincoln School students showcased their fashion designs constructed completely from recycled materials. Senior Willa Summers, eleventh-grader Maeve McEnroe, and ninth-grader Brigitte Lynch-Johnson, all participated in the StyleWeek Seedlings Student Design Challenge. The craftsmanship and creativity of these young designers was influenced by the Lincoln School’s STEAM hub program: Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

The designs were positively critiqued by a live panel of judges, including yours truly, which highlighted the resourceful and innovative talents of the young women. The student designers showed confidence and imagination, and served as strong examples for other girls who hope to pursue careers in fashion, STEAM or any other area of their choosing.

The first garment on the runway was created by Willa Summers. It involved a armor-like bodice constructed from the tabs of soda cans, as well as a sword-like back that almost looked like butterfly wings. To me, this design spotlighted the anti-bullying movement since many teens must stay strong and “armor” or “shield” themselves from cyberbullying in social media.

Willa Summers and her Seedlings design.

Next, Maeve McEnroe showcased a two-piece top and skirt weaved together with newspapers. The intricate detailing was very impressive on the one-shoulder top and asymmetrical skirt. Each piece showed exquisite construction and unusual shape. The skirt sparkled down the runway as it picked up shimmering light hitting the tassels on the skirt.

Maeve McEnroe and her newspaper-themed design.

Brigitte Lynch-Johnson’s dress involved a technology theme. She created a skirt out of a black umbrella and a top made out of metallic padded envelopes. The skirt and top were then adorned with the remnants of a microprocessor. As this design walked down the runway, I thought about how technology follows all of us around in our everyday lives. This garment was thought-provoking in that it created an artistic statement about the way we live our lives today.

Brigitte Lynch-Johnson shows of her dress.

Look at a slide show featuring more photos of the designs. All photos by Myke Yeager Photography.

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