StyleWeek Northeast August 2014: PINI, Yellow Clover and Jonathan Joseph Peters

Sleek and feminine; ready-to-wear retro; geisha chic.

StyleWeek Northeast closed with a bang Friday night as runway vets Nick Pini, Sarah Prost and Jonathan Joseph Peters showcased their latest designs.


Geisha chic was the theme, and intricate makeup, hair and props added to the avant garde spectacle. We especially loved the woodblock shoes, which forced the models to strut slowly down the runway, showing off Peters's exquisite use of pleats, color and luxurious fabrics.


Designer Sarah Prost debuted a retro collection inspired by Grey Gardens, the documentary film about a reclusive mother-daughter duo who, despite their former high-society status and relation to Jackie O., lived in defiant, prideful squalor in the Hamptons. The collection was ready-to-wear and summery, and Prost commissioned handbag designer Kent Stetson to craft a campy Grey Gardens-themed collection to accompany her designs down the runway.


Nick Pini wowed with a collection of flirty micro-dresses and resort wear in a range of feminine hues, including sweet pinks and whites. Pini's luxe designs would surely make a splash in Miami and L.A., where the hemlines are as short as the legs are long.

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