StyleWeek Day 7: Yellow Clover by Sarah Prost, Peach Carr and Ben Chmura

Video of StyleWeek's final night, which featured Yellow Clover by Sarah Prost, sporty athletic apparel by Peach Carr and extraterrestrial fashion by Ben Chmura.

StyleWeek Providence's final presentations on Saturday evening spotlighted some of the most notable talent of the week, including fashion shows by two "Project Runway" alums. The vibe of each show could not have been more different, as the night kicked off with everyday girly wear by Yellow Clover by Sarah Prost, followed by sporty looks by Peach Carr, and finally, extraterrestrial fashion by Ben Chmura. A video below features snippets from Carr's and Chmura's shows.

More information about the designers:

Yellow Clover by Sarah Prost

The women’s sportswear featured in Prost’s “An Ageless Reflection” show included the type of clothing any woman of any age could wear. The dresses were soft and flirty, incorporating fabrics like silk and boiled wool, chiffon and silk chiffon. Dresses and skirts featured calming colors of dark blues, charcoals and whites with splashes of bright blues and greens. Prost also incorporated vintage glass buttons into her ready-to-wear designs.

Photos taken by Todd Lee Photography. For more information about the designer, go to

Peach Carr

You may recognize Peach Carr from “Project Runway: Season 8.” For her StyleWeek show, the spunky designer crafted sporty looks for which any woman could easily go from a workout to lunch with the gals. Fun dresses, tanks and skirts in black, white, gray and hot pink incorporated bike shorts underneath so that athletic women do not have to sacrifice feminine style at the gym, track, tennis court or golf course. The looks can be paired with cowboy boots and heels just as easily as with sneakers. I loved how her show incorporated women of all shapes and sizes. Some of the models wearing tennis wear also walked the runway with rackets and casts to show off broken arms. Proud of their hard-won injuries, these women strutted the catwalk with confidence and style.

Photos taken by Hilary B. Photography. For more information about the designer, go to

Ben Chmura

“Project Runway: Season 7" featured the designs of Ben Chmura. His StyleWeek Providence “NIBIRU” show was of another planet. The atmosphere made audience members imagine that a UFO had landed on the runway, and that aliens were taking over the models' bodies. Chmura's streamlined contemporary sportswear featured dark purples, blacks, charcoals and blues, but the models' faces were covered with full face masks and eerie black sunglasses, or they wore dark hoods to mask their identities. The music’s intensity spellbound the audience as the extraterrestrials showed off Chmura’s work.

Photos taken by Hilary B. Photography. For more information about the designer, go to

Check out a video on Peach Carr’s and Ben Chmura’s runway shows.