Stress-Free Playtime for Kids (and Moms) at Play Date

The open playspace features fun themed sections for kids and a common area in the middle for parents to socialize.

There are some days that moms (and dads) just need to get out of the house with the kids. It might be a rainy, cold day, or it might be an afternoon when there are countless loads of laundry to do, the kids are off-the-wall and the stress of actually being in the middle of it gives you more anxiety. There’s a new place where you can meet other moms who are going through the same things as you, while the kids play with some of the coolest toys out there.

Play Date is a new play space, just over the border in Seekonk, Massachusetts, that’s owned by Nicole DeCosta, a stay-at-home mother of four children. She now spends her days running the business, most often with several of her own children in tow. DeCosta knows what moms are looking for when it comes to getting out of the house and keeping kids active. Play Date is a play space for kids – ages zero to six – that also has a common area with couches in the middle for parents to sit and socialize while watching their children play in the open space (and the all-you-can-drink coffee bar for $5 per person doesn’t hurt).

“I wanted a place for the moms to be able to meet other moms and laugh about the things we stress about, because if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry,” says DeCosta. “I think that’s the only way to get by sometimes, is laughing about it.”

The bright, clean and beautifully designed playroom is wide open so you can see every area no matter where you are.

It’s equipped with different stations that appeal to all creative minds: There’s a playhouse, a kitchen area stocked with Pottery Barn Kids wooden appliances, a sandbox filled with construction trucks and diggers and an area where kids can build with cardboard blocks to create tall structures. There’s also a dress-up area with all kinds of costumes, a tent and a craft area with picnic tables, Play-Doh, crayons and more. “I took the things my kids loved the most in my house, and I put them into different areas,” says DeCosta. “They love Play-Doh, but Play-Doh is so messy, and no mom wants to take it out at their house because it’s so awful.” But you can do it at Play Date, where there are picnic tables and a laminate floor for easy cleanup.

My son enjoying the sandbox. Photo by Jamie Coelho.


My daughter enjoying the dollhouse at Play Date. Photo by Jamie Coelho.

My favorite toy at Play Date, however, is the four-foot-tall Monique Lhuillier Parisian Dollhouse. My nineteen-month-old spent our entire visit in front of it – a structure that is almost two feet taller than her – handling the little wooden dolls and exploring the room setups. These are the kinds of toys I could never afford on my own, but we can come to Play Date for $13.50 per child and have a ball.

“I said to my husband, we need to buy things that moms are not going to buy at home because they are crazy expensive,” says DeCosta. “But we can do it here, so they can still play with the cool, awesome toys, but don’t have to worry about breaking their bank account.”

Play Date is the kind of place where moms can meet other mom friends for a stress-free playdate (meaning you don’t need to clean your house in order to host), or it’s a spot to meet in the middle if families are coming from different directions. Moms can go there with their kids alone and they’ll most likely meet another mom with kids the same age and strike up a conversation.

Families can visit Play Date for $13.50 per child (or $12.50 if you check in on social media), or you can sign up for a monthly membership for $50 per child and $40 for an additional child, which also includes discounts on birthday parties. “The people who have memberships, I see them at least three times a week. They are definitely getting their money’s worth,” says DeCosta, who attributes some of the uptick in business due to Play Date’s proximity to Target, which is obviously a popular destination for moms. “When we got the space, I was like, oh, good, we’re right next to Target. Anywhere next to Target is good,” she says with a laugh. “We’ll own a bunch of them all next to Targets.”

1460 Fall River Ave., Suite 1, Seekonk, Massachusetts, 508-557-0122,


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