House Lust: A Rumstick Point Retreat with Fairy Tale Details

And you thought all the fancy towers were in Newport.

When Bill Piccerelli was a junior in high school, he helped his uncle — a painter by trade — prime the boards on a newly converted carriage house on Stone Tower Lane in Barrington. Thirty-six years later, Piccerelli called the place home.

Now, more than two decades later, Piccerelli and his wife, Ellen, are selling their labor of love, an iconic Rumstick Point property with a crenellated fieldstone irrigation tower as its centerpiece. It’s on the market for $1,495,000.

“Knock on wood, for all the years we’ve been there we’ve had no troubles at all with the free water,” says Piccerelli, who uses water gathered in the tower to maintain the property’s vegetable and ornamental gardens.

Piccerelli’s property was once part of a large summer estate operated by Howard Potter Cornell, a wholesale grocer-turned-hobby farmer, at the end of the nineteenth century.

“We fixed the house up just the way we wanted it,” Piccerelli says, with a new garage and extensive interior renovations.

The family recently bought waterfront property on 100 Acre Cove in Barrington — “I don’t want to leave Barrington; I grew up here,” Piccerelli says — and their new build is almost completed. Piccerelli gushes about the view, but he says the move from Stone Tower Lane is bittersweet.

“It’s just a great place. You’re going to make me cry, you know,” he jokes.

Piccerelli tells me that, when his family moved in, they found blueprints for a conversion of the stone tower into a guest house with an elevator, bedroom and a living room at its peak.

“Imagine that view, all of Narragansett Bay,” he says. “We’ll leave that to the next people.”

Here’s your House Lust:

For more information on 3 Stone Tower Lane, call Heidi Farmer Piccerelli at 401-481-1977 or visit

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