Still Spooky

I know Halloween’s over, but I didn’t get a single trick or treater, so I feel cheated. And while I was walking around downtown Providence Saturday night, I saw a group of people clustered around an old building on Benefit Street who looked like they were having a fun time. I asked around, and i guess they were doing this.
I live in the area and I’ve been hearing from neighbors that apparently everyone knows about the see-through guy who walks down Benefit. In fact, you’re not really a resident until you’ve seen him. So, even if Mischief Night is over, I’m still thinking ghosts. And I’m going to give myself the best chance of success by finding out more about my otherworldly neighbors from an actual expert. I’m signing up for one of the remaining tours; they stop running in a couple of weeks. At $12 a head, I’m thinking bargain ghost nirvana.