Station Fire Documentary Trailer Released

Filmmaker David Bettencourt is working on a documentary on the 2003 fire, which claimed the lives of one hundred people.

Rhode Island filmmaker David Bettencourt has released a trailer of the documentary he is working on based on the Station fire, which claimed one hundred lives in 2003 at a West Warwick nightclub.

Bettencourt's film, which will be called "The Station", is based in part on a book Paul Lonardo wrote with Station survivor Gina Russo, called From the Ashes, according to a hews release. They are also hoping anyone who was involved with the incident will share their stories for the film.

"We hope to get as many people involved in this project as possible so that the tragedy and the one hundred lost lives are never forgotten," the release states. "We want to make this an accurate historical document as well, so participation is important."

They plan to release the movie next February–the tenth anniversary of the fire. They plan to set up a donation site for the film, and plan to have proceeds go towards a memorial for the victims at the site of the fire. 

Here is the trailer: 

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