Spring Fashion – Hope You Liked the Eighties

This season, spring fashion is a mixed bag. Open up any magazine, and you’ll spot everything from African tribal accents to sixties mod dresses to seventies jumpsuits. But probably one of the most prominent influences this spring is the eighties, that dreaded era of fashion misses. It’s beyond me why anyone would want to resurrect a time when big shoulder pads and pegged jeans were the norm, but alas, we’re all at the mercy of the fashion gods. It’s always interesting to me to see how designers today reinterpret two-decades-old trends to make them new and fresh again. While there are some trends I can definitely live without –– slouchy pants reminiscent of those M.C. Hammer used to favor and floral prints that are just too “ugly bridesmaid dress” for me to ever consider –– many of them seem fun and worth experimenting with. So how does anyone make sense of it all? To start, I called up local boutique owner Kristina Richards to find out what her favorite spring trends (eighties and otherwise) are:

1)    Color. Everything from bright lemon yellows to any shade of pink or blue.
2)    Zipper accents. Spot them on everything from leggings to cocktail dresses.
3)    Statement necklaces. The bigger the better.
4)    Pioneer plaids. These pair nicely with boyfriend jeans and heels.
5)    Asymmetrical. One shoulder tops or dresses make a bold, Grecian-inspired statement.