So You Want to Be in A Reality Show

Who doesn’t these days? Which is why this release from Pink Sneakers Productions (I so wish I worked for a company with that name!) caught my eye. Admittedly, I’m not a huge reality TV buff. I like "Top Chef," and that’s about it. Oh and "Jersey Shore" rocks. But I’ve got no interest in watching strangers look for love or lose tons of weight or swap wives or pump out eighteen kids.

What interests me about this new show Pink Sneakers is casting is how specific the guidelines are — clearly a sign of the times in the super saturated land of reality TV. It’s no longer simply, "Do you need to shed the weight equivalent of an entire human being?" or "Are you drop dead gorgeous and still can’t land a (rich) man?" Behold, the guidelines:

Are you a "dynamic, tight-knit group of upscale siblings? Are you a family of brothers and sisters, full of personality, who live in the same city? Are your weekends filled with family functions, get-togethers and big social events? Maybe you don’t always see eye to eye, but if you can’t imagine not having them in your lives, we want to hear your story!" 

Damn! Got all that? At least they don’t require that you look like Jennifer Aniston (maybe that goes without saying). Well, if the shoe fits, the release says, "the network really wants to cast a family from the New England area," so you’ve got an edge. Here’s the site if you’re over twenty-one and want to apply: