Sip Rhode Island Iced Tea by Granny Squibb Company

Granny Squibb Company is a local iced tea brand made with black tea, fresh mint and squeezed juice from lemons.
iced tea

Granny Squibb’s iced tea. Photo from Granny Squibb’s Facebook page. Photo by Trevor Willis.

New Englanders sure do love iced coffee, but iced tea is a whole lot healthier compared to those sugar-, syrup- and cream-laden coffee drinks. We’re not talking about a tub of Lipton sugar powder that you pour into water; you want the real stuff, infused with tea leaves and lemon. Granny Squibb Company is a local iced tea brand you can trust because it’s created from a grandmother’s famous recipe.

Robin Squibb turned her grandmother’s tea recipe into a business in 2009. She founded the company in Providence, Rhode Island, with two flavors, Sally’s Lemon and Mojito Lime, that are available in both sweetened and unsweetened versions. The ingredients include nothing but black tea, fresh mint, squeezed juice from lemons and limes, and sweetened versions include cane sugar.

To help advance the brand further, Robin Squibb has teamed up with husband and wife duo Nick Carr and Kelley McShane, who are planning its future and bringing a fresh perspective to the brand. “From an early age, I was encouraged by my grandmother, Granny Squibb, to give everything a try,” says Robin Squibb. “It’s her inspiration that led me to take her iced tea to market by starting the Granny Squibb Company. I’m thrilled that Nick and Kelley have joined the team and are as passionate about growing the company, helping others and having fun as I am.”

The team is focusing on growing awareness of the brand in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Their first priorities include further engaging with current retailers including Dave’s Marketplace, Whole Foods, Wegmans and other local stores while looking to grow their presence in restaurants, coffee shops and farmers markets. You’ll be noticing Granny Squibb iced tea will be available in more places this summer, so ditch the iced coffee, and go for healthier iced tea.


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