Shopping With Designers

Artists' Closet brings together a range of designers for trunk shows.

There’s nothing like the bright lights and pounding music of a runway show, but sometimes it’s nice to meet designers in a quieter setting.

Trisha Kelley organized the Artists’ Closet with that idea in mind. Through the group, the photographer has brought together a range of talented local emerging designers from a variety of backgrounds.  

“It’s just a small base of artists right now, and we hope to make it more of a meet and greet,” says Kelley.

So at a trunk show like the group held over the weekend at Mad Dog Galleries in Pawtucket, people who attended got to meet the designers and get the chance to customize items. They could have left with an original handbag by Kent Stetson, a dress for under $50 by StyleWeek Northeast designers such as NoMy Style, glittery yet affordable shoes by Mallory Musante, industrial and organic statement jewelry from Wakefield-based Natural Blo Designs, or lotions by Java Skincare.

Or better yet, let the designers help you put it all together.  

“Everybody can come out with something, and pair it with the other artists there and have a full look that nobody else can have,” Kelley says.  

The group is planning more trunk shows, as well as a potential runway show. For more information, contact Kelley at