Shop Like an Heiress

Tobacco heiress Doris Duke was known for many things –– her pet camels that were said to roam the grounds of her Newport mansion, her tireless philanthropic work –– but perhaps one of her most lasting legacies is that of clotheshorse. The Newport Restoration Foundation –– the organization that now owns Rough Point, Duke’s Newport home –– strives to keep that legacy alive by putting on a different exhibit annually featuring Duke’s clothes, and this year is no exception.

“Shop Like an Heiress” opens today and showcases how Duke shopped for her wardrobe, collecting clothes everywhere she went, from Parisian couture houses to high-end American department stores and local boutiques. And it’s a rare opportunity to glimpse some of the most fabulous clothes you’ll ever lay eyes on, by legendary designers including Emilio Pucci, Halston and Dior. The exhibit runs through November 7, but if you go soon, you may be able to make it back a second, or even third, time, to really get your fill of all of the eye candy that awaits.
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