Shaking and Baking

Vanity Fair had an interesting article (in, uh, December…I’m a little behind on my reading) on our national addiction to cuteness. Exhibit A: cupcakes. Well, actually, exhibit A was this You Tube video, and exhibit B was the website Cute Overload, with its pictures of "puppehs," "kittehs" and "bun-buns" (that last one is bunnies to you English speakers), but then the writer gets down to cupcakes.

I really can’t argue with cupcakes. (I also can’t argue with calling puppies "puppehs," a term I never heard before and will be using from now on.) Lindsay Jacobsen wrote about some local cupcakes in "Cupcake Love" for this month’s Current, and there has been fun news recently about several bakeries in her piece:

1. Sweet Cakes, of the gorgeous roses, is selling their bakery… sort of. If you’ve got $60, an ability to function at 4. a.m. and a knack for writing essays, you’re in luck. Check it out here.

2. City Girl Cupcakes, the very sweet non-profit created by local high school students Catherine Corrente and Isabella Veader, will be opening a retail space in Downcity (not so far from our office! yay!) at 99 Weybosset. It should be fully up and running by next  Wednesday. One neat part of this story is that the space was donated for a few months by Paolino Properties and a double convection oven was donated by S&W Appliance in East Providence — the businesses heard about the girls’ good work and wanted to help out.

3. Cupcakerie teamed up with local dog bakery Jack’s Snacks to open a retail location at 1860 Broad Street. I haven’t been yet, but I must get my hands on another one of those lavender cupcakes.

4. And Bakery Boutique  teamed up with a local stationer (upside to the recession: all these fun new combo businesses!) to open a super-pretty one-stop shop for anyone planning a party (brides, you will love this place) at 55 Douglas Pike in Smithfield.

Also in cupcake news, a bird tells me that mobile cupcakes are on their way to Providence. And in freaking-adorable-donut news (well, not really news), I recently discovered the "mini sparkle donut" at Starbucks. I am a Dunkin Donuts girl, but it is even cuter than the Munchkin.