Block Party Celebrates Senior Discount’s First Label Release

The party marks Senior Discount’s signed label album release of The Best Revenge.
Senior Discount

The band Senior Discount.

You may have heard about the band Senior Discount, a punk rock (and sometimes ska) group based out of Providence. They’ve been involved in the city’s music scene for fourteen years. But it was only until recently – this month in fact – that they announced they’ve officially been signed to a major record label. And it’s not just any record label. It’s a record label owned by one of their musician heroes; Paper and Plastick Records, run by Vinnie Fiorello from the band Less Than Jake.

Senior Discount will celebrate The Best Revenge album release with a twenty-one-plus block party on Friday, July 13, starting at 7 p.m. outside of the Whiskey Republic. The event will include performances by Senior Discount and Badfish, a Sublime tribute band.

Band members include Chuck Staton on vocals and guitar, Abe Correia on bass and back-up vocals, Matt Kelley on lead guitar and back-up vocals, and Christian Staton playing the drums.

The party marks Senior Discount’s very first signed label album release, spearheaded by one of their idols. “Less Than Jake was absolutely one of the main bands that inspired us to start playing, and the fact that Vinnie from LTJ has invited us to be part of a label as solid as Paper and Plastick Records, is simply incredible,” says Chuck Staton in an email exchange. “It’s an invitation we’re proud to have earned, and we can’t wait for our new album The Best Revenge to get to so many new people.”

It’s taken a lot of hard work, time and dedication for them to get to this level. “Senior Discount has been a band for fourteen years this summer. We’ve done everything up to this point independently and we stuck it out whenever the chips were down,” Staton says, “We believed in ourselves even when it felt like no one else did.”

The block party will be a culmination of fourteen years of hard work and a celebration of all the people who have supported Senior Discount along the way. “Our plan is to rock so hard that we collapse whatever stage we’re playing on,” Staton says. “Don’t tell the promoters.”

 Tickets are $25 per person.



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