Sandy: The Aftermath

 It’s cleanup time. Some of us will sweep up scattered garbage, reset toppled patio furniture, wipe the leaves from our windshields, and chop up downed branches. Others, in states not far from here, are mourning lives claimed by Sandy.

Thousands of Rhode Islanders still don’t have power; homes in Matunuck and Misquamicut have washed away; Block Island’s Crescent Beach and Corn Neck Road got a beating of a lifetime, the pavement smashed to bits by furious waves; and a South County landmark, the Coast Guard House, was heavily damaged by the sea, perhaps beyond repair. But as the list of destruction grows, it’s key to remember that Chafee is right: Sandy just grazed us. We’re lucky.

So now we join the rest of America, scouring news sources for damage reports and death tolls. A post worth viewing comes to us from across the country in Oregon, a compilation of soon-to-be historic AP photos of Sandy approaching land. Photo number two is a great shot of waves soaking a woman at the Narragansett Seawall. Click here to view the photo essay.