Roller Girls

Hey, Providence Roller Derby starts up tomorrow night, easily one of the coolest things about the city. I haven’t been to a bout yet, but this is my year. I’m intrigued, if only because roller skating scared. me. to. death. as a little kid. (I did like the plastic roller skates with wheels that didn’t actually roll—you just strapped them on and stomped around on the road like a star.) Anyway, it’s good to see a sport that reveals roller skating for the total menace it is; if you want a primer on what is actually going on out there during a bout, click here or check out this winter’s NY Times article, which incidentally, proves that the girls here in R.I. also have the best aliases. (“Craisy Dukes” and “Rhoda Perdition” are pretty good, right?) But you don’t need to know the rules—Paul Kandarian didn’t when he wrote about it for us last June and he had fun. 

The season opener is tomorrow at 7pm; the Rhode Island Riveters take on the Harrisburg Area Roller Derby at the RICC. Tickets are $10 online, $12 at the door, half-price for kids 5-12, or $30 for Wicked Hot & Important People—you know who you are. You can meet the roller girls in person at the afterparty at Snooker’s (145 Clifford Street).  

And if you missed it at the Cable Car last night, Cox Sports Channel (channel 3) is airing their documentary “Xpose: Providence Roller Derby” tonight at 8.