RISD Students Help Design Embassy Sculpture

The project is intended as a cross-cultural exchange between artists in the United States and Morocco.

Ten RISD students have spent the winter in Rhode Island, learning about Moroccan culture and art. They're participating in a studio course at the school called "Art in Embassies: Morocco," where they're helping visiting artist and RISD alum Jim Drain come up with a design for a large-scale outdoor sculpture that will eventually adorn the outside of a new United States Embassy in Rabat, Morocco.

The project is being funded in part by RISD alum Lisa Pevaroff, whose own work is currently on display in the U.S. embassy in Montenegro, according to RISD spokeswoman Jaime Marland. The sculpture is scheduled to debut at a celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the United States State Department on Nov. 30 in Washington D.C. Then it will be shipped to Morocco, once the new embassy is completed.

Check out the class's work here: