RI’s Adoptable Pets for January

This new online series features five furry friends selected by our pet expert, Karen Kalunian.

You need a friend, they need a home: It’s that simple.

Our new monthly Adoptable Pets series takes the guesswork out of finding your forever friend. Karen Kalunian, a volunteer in the animal welfare circuit and a board member at the East Greenwich Animal Protection League, works with local shelters and rescues to name the most lovable pets in their charge. We caught up with Karen for a quick introduction:

Rhode Island Monthly: How long have you been working with local shelters?
Karen Kalunian: I started volunteering then working with a local shelter about ten years ago and my passion for helping animals has evolved into photographing local adoptable animals throughout RI with the hopes of helping them find loving homes too.

RIM: What made you want to get into animal welfare?
KK: I have always loved all types of animals and wanted to help in some small way.

RIM: Were you always a cat/dog lover?
KK: I have had all types of animals throughout my life including dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, fish and rabbits!

RIM: Do you have animals of your own?
KK: I lost my beloved Maltese Gizzi ten years ago and this is how my journey to help other animals began.

RIM: Do you foster?
KK: Not currently.

RIM: How do you choose each pet you send to us?
KK: I know lots of people involved in the animal rescue/welfare community in Rhode Island and sometimes they contact me with an animal in need or I personally contact local shelters searching for those in need.

RIM: Do they stand out among the rest?
KK: Every animal waiting for a home has a story or an interesting look, personality, quirk, to me they are all special in their own way!

RIM: Any advice for people looking to adopt a pet (based on your own experiences)?
KK: I always suggest that people look for a pet that best suits their lifestyle. Be sure to meet the animal in person and get as much information about the pet as you can. Always keep an open mind when meeting the animals, you never know who you might fall in love with!

If you’re looking to expand your heart and your family, here are a few pets to consider:

If you know of an animal in need, contact Karen at ilovedogs1920@gmail.com.

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