RIders Jump on a New Nationwide Trend with JUMP Bikes

Hundreds of red, pedal-assisted electric bikes are popping up in the city streets.

Hundreds of red, dockless bikes are popping up in Providence. JUMP Bikes, owned and operated by Social Bicycles, an Uber-owned company, are pedal-assisted electric bikes that provide a boost of up to twenty miles per hour as you ride for a new way of commuting, exercising and recreational play.

No longer are the days of hitching a ride to work, the grocery store or your annual doctor’s appointment. Instead, Riders can download the free JUMP Bikes app on their phone via the App Store or Google Play. So, how does it work? Riders are charged two dollars for a thirty-minute ride and just under seven cents for every minute after that. The clock starts when a bike is reserved by the JUMP Bikes app and can be locked up anywhere within the city’s system area when done. However, a twenty-five-dollar fee will be charged if the bike is locked up outside the selected area. See the website for an area map and bike locations.


The boost plan, or affordable pricing for qualified residents, is offered to anyone currently enrolled in the following programs:

-RIPTA reduced fare bus pass



-Providence housing authority residency

-Member of a household verified for the Rhode Island Department of Education or reduced lunch

-RIWorks recipients


The plan features a five-dollar charge for the first year with up to sixty minutes of ride time per day, with a five-dollar charge per month after the first calendar year. See the website to enroll in the program.


According to the City of Providence website, a contract for the bike share system with 400 JUMP electric-assist bikes was signed on December 15, 2017. Sponsors including Lifespan and Tufts Health Plan have partnered with both the city of Providence and JUMP Bikes to bring a new mode of transportation to the city. “A bike share program positions Providence to be a more sustainable, healthier and fun city for years to come,” says Mayor Jorge Elorza. “Similar programs across the nation have had transformative effects on communities. We are thrilled to be among the first cities in the region to offer these bikes that will allow residents and visitors to explore the capital city in a unique and exciting way.” See Mayor Jorge Elorza ride the a JUMP Bike here.


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