Ride a Camel at Roger Williams Park Zoo

Did you know one of the zoo’s two camels, Henry, starred in a Macklemore music video?

Get ready for an adventure at Roger Williams Park Zoo. In addition to harbor seal and giraffe feedings and the Flutterby exhibit, now you can get up close and personal with another awesome animal: the camel! And did you know one of the zoo’s two camels, Henry, starred in a Macklemore music video? Well he did, and you can hang out with Henry at the zoo, just like Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and friends did in the “Can’t Hold Us” video (check out the videos at the bottom of this post).

The camel rides are just $6 per guest (in addition to zoo admission) and visitors are invited to climb atop Mickey or Henry, while a trained expert leads the majestic humped creature around the track next to the Big Backyard exhibit. The zoo is running the camel rides through the company Camels Unlimited, a camel rental business with friendly animals personally trained by Jesse Kearn and family, an exotic animal trainer with more than ten years of experience, coming from two generations of American camel trainers.

Naturally, we wanted to experience a camel ride for ourselves. We hopped onto Mickey and he enjoyed taking us for a walk around the grounds. The verdict? The ride is amazingly fun (and completely safe)! It’s truly a unique experience and sure to thrill animal-lovers of all ages.

The zoo is also featuring a four-sided rock-climbing wall. Beginners and seasoned climbers alike are challenged to scale a wall of appropriate difficulty. The rock wall is located in the zoo’s Wilderness Plaza; what animals can you spot from the top?

Camel rides are available daily and the rock wall will be available from Memorial Day weekend and then daily through September to visitors ages three and older. Tickets are $6 to ride and $5 to climb and can be purchased at the main entrance or at booths located near the respective attractions. Revenues from both offerings will help to support animal care and continued improvements at the zoo. Tickets for the camel rides and rock climbing will be available 10 a.m.-4:15 p.m., and the lines for both will close at 4:30 p.m. For more information, contact Roger Williams Park Zoo at 401-941-4998 extension 316 or visit rwpzoo.org.

Video: Filming while riding on top of a camel.

Video: See Henry in the Macklemore music video!

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