Rhode Trips: Playing Tourist at Home

While immersed in research for Rhode Trips — our soon-to-be-published mini magazine/ travel guide for locals produced in conjunction with the Rhode Island Tourism Division — I was shocked to discover just how many things I (a *native* Rhode Islander) have not yet seen, done, eaten or otherwise experienced in our rather impressive little state. Having grown up in Warren, I know the East Bay, and a good deal of Providence and Newport, but other than that, well it’s a little embarrassing.

 So, this summer, I’m making concerted effort to explore new places in all corners of Rhode Island. And starting next month, I’ll regularly post reports on this blog.
If you want to take up the challenge with me, you can get a head start this weekend. Tomorrow (Saturday) from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., the fabulous organization Preserve Rhode Island hosts an open house featuring free admission to twenty-six historic sites. Click here for the full list of properties. It includes a good mix of classics like Providence’s John Brown House Museum and off-the-radar gems such as Little Compton’s Wilbor House Museum.
As for Rhode Trips, it’ll come polybagged with our June issue. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your take on which Rhode Island mainstays  — historic sites, parks, downtowns, restaurants, etc. —  I just have to check out this summer.