Rhode Island’s Twitterati

It’s pretty clear by now that all the nation — celebs, politicos, the media, even people we wish would keep a little more to themselves — is a-Twitter. But what about Rhode Island? Have we jumped on the here’s-what-I’m-doing-this-very-second bandwagon, or are we the wall flowers of the web world?

The answer is overwhelmingly B. In an exhaustive search (okay, I typed in a couple dozen notable names), I kept coming up dry. Now these aren’t people I necessarily want to hear more from — I’m thinking of Buddy — but I just assumed he wouldn’t be able to resist bashing the ProJo or picking on Cicilline in 140 characters or less. Buddy’s not alone. The Don doesn’t have a page, neither does Linc or political reporter Scott MacKay. I thought I struck gold with Brown prez Ruth Simmons. When I read her post: “thinking that will is hot. sizzling hot.” I knew I most definitely had the wrong person (hey, it’s a fairly common name).

So who is Twittering locally? And what are they saying? Here’re a few I found. I’ll continue to update you periodically as I’m sure some of our favorite local luminaries will be late to the party… but will inevitably show up.

LtGovRoberts  Watching Rocco Baldelli make his debut at Fenway in a Sox uniform.

davidcicilline  Off to Gold’s gym for a run.

frankcaprio  Hard at work on the new web site.

johnmaeda  told to me by a new friend from India, “if you come upon an elephant, walk around it.”