Rhode Island's Latest YouTube Talents

These vloggers have tens of thousands of fans.

Celebrities don’t just come from Hollywood anymore. Meet vloggers, the next generation of Internet who’s whos. Making video blogs (vlogs) from their bedrooms, these young people act, dance, rant, sing and sometimes earn more fame than A-list stars. Introducing Rhode Island’s biggest talents:

Ayydubs (Alyx Weiss)

YouTube Channel: Ayydubs
Bio: Age nineteen, raised in Lincoln and attends Boston University.
Vlogs about: College, dating, boys, friends, embarrassing stories and awkward experiences.
Best Series: “Dating Strangers Online,” where she films first dates with boys met through dating apps.
Subscribers: 408,722

Davey Wavey

YouTube Channel: wickydkewl
Bio: The globe-trotting gay YouTube personality and travel guru is thirty-two, raised in North Kingstown, and now lives in Los Angeles.
Vlogs about: Gay life, fitness, sex, situational humor.
Best Series: “Straight Guys Answer Gay Questions.”
Subscribers: 938,235

Ryan and Tyler Falcoa

YouTube Name: DirtyTAR
Bio: The brothers, ages nineteen and twenty-one, live in Bristol.
Focus: The pop music duo writes original songs and covers radio hits.
Best Video: “All About That Bass” is a cover filmed on Rhode Island’s beaches.
Subscribers: 48,704

Ryan Holmes

YouTube Channel: Ryan Holmes
Bio: The twenty-six-year-old lives in Warwick.
Vlogs about: Commercial/news parodies, non sequitur humor, Internet culture.
Best Video: “11 Awesome Facts about Rhode Island,” in which he explains little-known things you never knew about the Ocean State.
Subscribers: 21,563