Rhode Islanders Away From Home: Bivalve Edition

It probably won’t surprise you that there are 33 different varieties of oysters on the menu at the glamorously retro Oyster Bar in the equally glamorous Grand Central Station in New York City.
Our waiter advises us that they serve 5,000 of these babies every day and they hail from such exotic locations as Long Island, Virginia and Prince Edward Island (a shout out to our Canadian friends!). I’m happy to report that Rhode Island is well represented: the Beavertail, the Matunuck, the Moonstone and the Rome Point all put in an appearance and are on the pricier end; up to $2.75 per oyster. There’s no recession in the raw bar business, apparently.
My friend Robin isn’t into raw shellfish so we share the number one app on the menu: 8 fried oysters (when does anything fried taste bad?). They are phenomenal: light as a beignet and served with tartar sauce like you’ve never tasted. Next time you’re at the Oyster Bar, try them; you’ll thank me.