Rhode Island Oysters: Cracked Open

Our guide to umami oysters, Moonstone oysters, Matunuck oysters and more!

Walrus and Carpenter Originals

Where they’re farmed: Charlestown
Profile: Brackish with a buttery polish.

Moonstone Oysters from Cedar Island Oyster Farm

Where they’re farmed: Point Judith Pond
Profile: Large, full-bodied with a pleasant umami and mineral flavor.

Matunuck Farm Oysters

Where they’re farmed: Potter Pond in East Matunuck
Profile: Crisp and salty right from the first gulp.

Mooresfield Oyster Farm’s Afternoon Delights

Where they’re farmed: Point Judith Pond
Profile: Briny up front and sweet on the finish.

Salt Water Farms’ Umami Oysters

Where they’re farmed: Narragansett Bay
Profile: Smaller size with a robust, clean and savory taste.

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