Rhode Island Monthly Wins 23 Rhode Island Press Association Awards

Editors, art directors and contributors were recognized for 2017 work at the annual awards banquet.

Back row, from left: Jamie Coelho, John Palumbo, Samantha Labrecque, Casey Nilsson and Doreen Chisnell. Front row: Sarah Francis.

On Friday, April 27, 2018, the Rhode Island Press Association presented 139 awards to journalists throughout the state for writing, design and photography in their editorial contest for 2017. Rhode Island Monthly is the proud winner of twenty-three awards, including thirteen first place awards for work in various categories.

“Our success in the Rhode Island Press Association awards is a tribute to our talented editors, art directors and contributors that collectively capture great stories we tell each and every month,” says John Palumbo, President and Publisher of Rhode Island Monthly.

During the banquet, which was held at the Quonset “O” Club”, Rhode Island Monthly editor Sarah Francis was also renamed the treasurer for the Rhode Island Press Association 2018 board.

“As the Press Association treasurer, I plan the banquet and check in all the guests,” explains Francis. “It’s fun to see the winners and put a face to a name. I am looking forward to working with the other board members again for next year’s celebration.”

Here’s a list of the award-winning stories, and links so we can go back and read the work.

Business Story – First Place – “Hi Neighbor! We’re Back!” – Lou Papineau

Business Story – Second Place – “Doughnut Devotion” – Jamie Coelho

Education Story – First Place – “Aged Out” – Casey Nilsson

Religion and Spirituality Story – First Place – “Whose God Is It Anyway?” – John Taraborelli

Reporting on the Environment – Second Place – “Creature Comforts” – Todd McLeish

Reporting on the Environment – Third Place – “The Battle for the Mountains Under the Sea” – Mary Grady

Science/Health Care Story – First Place – “Facing Stigma” – Grace Kelly

Profile/Personality Story – Second Place – “A Woman of Letters” – Paul Kandarian

Profile/Personality Story – Third Place – “Sheldon Whitehouse Wants Everyone to Wake Up” – Philip Eil

New/Features Columnist – First Place – Ellen Liberman

Feature Story (In-Depth) – First Place – “The Dreamer” – Casey Nilsson

Arts or Entertainment Story – First Place – “Play Right” – Casey Nilsson

Food and Dining Story – First Place – “Food Fighters” – Jamie Coelho

Food and Dining Story – Third Place – “Just Peachy” – Grace Kelly

Sports Feature Story – First Place –“Courting Dreams” – Ged Carbone

Behind the scenes at Festival Ballet. Photo by Dana Smith.

Special Section – First Place – “Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Special Section – Second Place – “The Ultimate Guide to Newport

Best Cover – First Place – “Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Food Photo – First Place – “Rhode Island Beer Lover’s Guide” – Chris Vaccaro

Food Photo – Honorable Mention –“Chocolate Dreams” – Angel Tucker

Sports Photo – First Place –“Courting Dreams” – Jason Evans

Photo Series/Picture Story – First – “Ballerinas Can Bench More Than You” – Dana Smith

Photo Series/Picture Story –“Rhode Islanders of the Year” – Alex Gagne



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