Rebelle Artisan Bagels to Open Bakery

Help bring Milena Pagan's bagel bakery to Providence by funding its Kickstarter campaign and you'll reap rewards.

A breakfast sammie featuring a Rebelle bagel.

For the last few months, Rebelle Artisan Bagels has had to borrow storefronts to sell its hand-rolled, boiled and seed-speckled New York-style bagels. Milena Pagan and her pop up shops at Stock Culinary Goods, Borealis Coffee, Laughing Gorilla, Hope and Main and farmers markets have given us something to look forward to on weekend mornings. But soon, very soon, we may not need to hunt her and her bagels down: Rebelle Artisan Bagels has acquired a spot to open a stationary bakery, but the business needs our help to get up and running by summer 2017.

Starting today, we can rally behind Pagan and crew to open the bakery we’ve been waiting for. The new address will be 110 Doyle Avenue on the East Side of Providence. It was formerly a convenience store called Your Corner Store. The location is not an existing restaurant, so it’s going to take some work to get it to where it needs to be in order to produce Pagan’s mind-blowing hand-rolled bagels, house cured lox, artisanal flavored cream cheeses (bacon chipotle and berries and honey) and more.

A breakfast sammie featuring a Rebelle bagel.

Rebelle hopes to raise $25,000 through its Kickstarter campaign to help secure the used/reconditioned equipment they’ll need to hustle out more bagels. If they are able to raise an additional $10,000, the funds will be spent on a proofing cabinet to help with making in-demand pumpernickel, rye and whole wheat bagel varieties. Other needs include a dishwasher and a tilt skillet to boil more bagels.

Back in February 2017, we helped introduce hungry Rhode Islanders to Rebelle’s story. Pagan is an MIT-trained chemical engineer who left a successful career to focus on her recipes for perfecting bagels in her own kitchen. The self-trained baker now does all of the work by hand and makes her bagels from scratch at Hope and Main in Warren. It takes about twenty-four hours and five ingredients to make the bagels. She starts with high-quality flour, creates the dough, kneads it and lets it proof. Then she rolls each one by hand, and cold ferments the dough for twenty-four hours.

“The yeast is in there producing all these alcohols that give it a complex sourdoughy taste and it also forms those little blisters in the crust,” she says. Finally, she finishes them off by boiling them in malted barley syrup and water.

The Rebelle bakery menu will feature housemade chicken/tuna/egg salads, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, a pastry program, including Pagan’s incredible mini babkas, and coffee drinks from Borealis Coffee.

Rebelle is French for “Rebel woman.” Pagan’s ready to make the ultimate rebel move, and with our help, we’ll all be enjoying her terrific bagels and sandwiches at a brand spanking new bakery. Donate here.

Mini babkas.