Quench Your Thirst at Warren’s New Juicery

The shop goes beyond smoothie basics to deliver a menu with protein-packed drinks full of eyebrow-raising ingredients. Bee pollen, anyone?

Photo by Nicole Boucher.

Sometimes people need to get away from their corporate America jobs and start something new. When Emily and Patrick Farr left their company jobs in Boston, they decided it was time for something fresh and juicy in their lives. Less than five years later, they are the proud owners of three Quench Juicery locations, including their newest brick-and-mortar location in Warren.

The Farrs are an active couple who live a very health conscious lifestyle with hobbies including hiking, running and yoga long before Quench even existed. Their years of experience and vast knowledge truly helped to launch their business. “We made juices and smoothies at home all the time,” says Emily. “We knew about the equipment and we had some pretty great recipes.”

According to Emily, the couple buys lots of fruits and vegetables and tries the different smoothie combinations until they chose the best ones to add to the menu. Emily’s personal favorite is the Muscle Beach Smoothie, a fruity, protein-packed drink. Fruits, veggies and protein from milk, yogurt or powder seem like the basic building blocks of a healthy smoothie, but Quench goes beyond that to deliver a menu with juices and smoothies full of eyebrow-raising ingredients. Bee pollen, anyone?

I am not brave enough to try a smoothie concoction with unfamiliar ingredients, though I decide upon Dottie’s Detox, a green juice blend of cucumber, apple, ginger, lemon and mint. The first sip is sweet and refreshing – just a trace of ginger pings in my mouth to remind me that the potent root is blended in there. Ginger is well known for its many health benefits like aiding with arthritis, an upset stomach or even low energy. Just a dash is all that is needed to reap the benefits.

Photo by Nicole Boucher.

Other possible ingredients and add-ons are available to add to smoothies at Quench, and many of them have surprising health benefits. Emily explains that maca is good for anxiety and depression and helps to provide an even-keeled feeling throughout the day without the risk of a caffeine crash. Spirulina is high in protein and has plenty of minerals and vitamins, too. Plus, I go the scoop on bee pollen. It is great to digest for allergies (who would have thought!) and it adds a sweet taste to the drink.

When you long for something a little stronger, opt for an alcohol-free shot. Fan favorites include the Immunity Shot with ginger, lemon and cayenne and it sure does pack a punch. “It’s actually not a bad way to try to cure a hangover either,” says Emily.

And the menu just goes on. It isn’t limited to juices, smoothies and shots, but also lists acai bowls, snack foods that include avocado toast and energy bites, and a homemade juice cleanse. For the past two years, the Farrs have been delivering the juice cleanse to a yoga studio in Barrington. When they decided to open a store in Rhode Island, they chose Warren because of the proximity to where they’d done business before and advice from friends and family that it was an up and coming town unlike anything in the area.

With a store that’s only a few months old and the introduction of Quench apparel, the Farrs aren’t looking to open another new shop right away. That doesn’t mean they don’t already have some ideas brewing for the future, though. “We would love to do some type of juice or smoothie truck that would go around to beaches and festivals,” says Emily. “That would just be a lot of fun!”

436 Main St., Warren, 245-2245, quench-juicery.com.



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