Quahogging at Point Judith Pond

This popular clamming spot is good for adults, kids and four-legged friends.

Photograph by Mike Cevoli.

Sure, there are better places to fill your half-bushel of clams, says John Lee, the fisherman and writer behind the blog, Outflow Fishing. But the mudflat at Point Judith Pond, accessible via the Galilee Escape Road, is Lee’s favorite spot to go quahogging with his five-year-old son, Charlie. “If you want to harvest and have a party with a bunch of quahogs, you’re going to work your butt off to get them here,” he says. “But it’s such a huge mudflat that kids can be seventy-five yards away and you can still see them. It feels safe.” On this summer day, father and son dig in the muck with fingers and toes while puppy, Gordie, observes. “We’re trying to acclimate the dog to the marshes and the outdoors,” Lee says. “I think it’s a great place for him. It’s good for kids, too. Older kids will find clams. The younger ones, they lose their focus into catching blue crabs, which I think is equally cool.”

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