Q-and-A with Downcity’s Newest Juicery

Fully Rooted has expanded its roots from Pawtucket to Providence.

Angelo Mollis, Amanda Repose and Ben Aalvik began selling their fresh, earthy and delicious juices in their original Pawtucket Juicery and at local farmers markets around the state. Now, they have opened another Fully Rooted location in Downcity where raw cold-pressed juice, kombucha and grab-and-go bites are served.

How did you come up with the concept for Fully Rooted?

Angelo: My stepdad began juicing about ten years ago for health reasons. For us, it really all began six or seven years ago with him as our mentor; it clicked when we started using juices for our own health reasons and once we realized it was working for us, we wanted to help others. We thought juicing was the best way to do that because of how quickly it worked. Your body absorbs it and you feel it right away.

Amanda: We started at farmers markets about five-and-a-half years ago where we juiced with just a house hold juicer. Then we slowly worked our way up and were able to obtain a loan to get a giant juicer that is the size of me! We were making about a gallon per hour on the original juicer and when we switched to this big commercial juicer, it allowed us to change the game to make ten to twenty gallons per hour. We started in a small space in an old mill building for production in Pawtucket in October 2017 and since then we have grown about three times that size. We still have production over there and a small juicery, too.


So, why another location in Providence?

Amanda: Well, the building we are in is called Current State. Upstairs is a yoga, barre and meditation studio and they also have retail space down below. In our adjoining space we sell our juices and kombucha, but we also offer some really great local products that we love. It’s a one stop kind of place where people can get their health fix.


What is the process of creating juice?

Amanda: It is really labor intensive. We get a lot of produce locally from farms including Four Town Farm – you can tell the difference in the flavors of the produce. It really all starts there. Then, we grind everything into the juicer which then goes into a press bag. It drops into the bucket in which we then filter and strain all of our juice. It is lastly bottled in reusable glass jars or is put on tap.


What is the most popular juice among customers?

Amanda: It really depends. Our ‘Green Lemonade’ flavor contains green apples, spinach, cucumbers, celery and lemon. It is super refreshing and has a little sweetness from the apple. The seasonal ‘Echinacea Sunrise’ option contains Farmacy Herbs extracts, orange, pineapple, cucumbers and beets. Plus, it’s great for boosting your immune system. All of our juices are made to be functional with their own purposes, so it depends on what you are needing it for.


What about the kombucha?

Amanda: We started selling kombucha a little over a year ago. Kombucha itself contains natural probiotics and what is really great about ours, is that we use different tea or herb bases. Then we add in the functional element to it. We have even started to experiment with adding mushrooms, too.

Ben: I used to brew kombucha at home. It is basically a whole slew of bacteria and yeast and is open fermented for about a week, then three days closed so it can self-carbonate. That is when you do a lot of the flavoring. It will extract most of the qualities out of the herbs we are putting in.



Fully Rooted is available for delivery on Wednesday mornings in Rhode Island. Orders must be a minimum of $25 and no delivery fees are added.  

Fully Rooted can be found at winter farmers markets and juice pickup locations here.

159 Weybosset St., Providence, 8 a.m.–4 p.m.; 560 Mineral Spring Ave., Pawtucket, Tues.–Fri., 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m. 



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