Providence Has the 194th-Best Drivers in the Country

Yep, that's out of 200. We're hovering over the bottom of the barrel in a new "best drivers" report.
worst drivers

Photo by Rick Payette, via Flickr

Kansas City claimed the number one spot on Allstate America’s annual Best Drivers Report. Little Providence, we’re miles away at 194.

It could be worse: The insurance company ranks our neighbors up in Boston as the absolute worst drivers in the country, placing them at 200 out of 200. Nailed it. Worcester claimed the 198th spot.

The report factors in population density, weather, years between accident claims and hard-braking events per 1,000 miles. PVD’s accident claims ranking is rough: We only go about 5.7 years between crash claims, while the national average is ten years. Boston clocks 3.6 years between crash claims.

Today, I am thankful for seat belts.

Editor’s Note: This blog post has been updated. Big thanks to our readers for correcting our face-palm-worthy errors.

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