Props to RISD

RISD scores as one of the hottest college of the decade, according to a new list by Tina Brown’s Daily Beast.
"Combine the glamour of reality-TV shows like Project Runway and Top Design with the enticement of potential employers like Google and Apple, and it’s no surprise that design school has become a red-hot option for high-school seniors in recent years," says the story, which ranks RISD as the 11th hottest college. It’s ranked behind luminaries such as the University of Southern California, number one because of its honors science college, high-tech facilities and massive endowment that means most students get some form of financial aid; and Nashville’s Vanderbilt, where new housing on a gracious campus means all the incoming class are guaranteed a dorm room in a freshmen-only area. The "Almost Ivy" also has generous merit-aid, meaning the number-two pick accepted only 20 percent of its applicants last year, making it one of the most selective colleges in the nation.
RISD is also highly selective, accepting less than 30 percent of applicants, says the story. The only design school on the list, it beats out, among others, the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, the well-respected alma mater of Prince William, popular in part because fees run less than $25,000 a year. The story doesn’t mention Scottish weather, but even Rhode Island winters pale in comparison, another reason to cheer (through your face mask and scarf) for RISD.