Pigging Out

We’re off to the PawSox for our annual RIM summer outing. In the spirit of the day, which includes a lot of dogs and beer, I wanted to pass along this piece on Preppy Pig BBQ that appeared in July’s edition of The Dish. Preppy pitmaster Patrick is awesome… and so is his food. Check it out and — shameless plug — sign up for The Dish here.

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Preppy Pig BBQ

A pork-centric catering company that feeds our carnivorous cravings.

Who: Patrick DeSocio, the popped-collar pitmaster — a one-time yacht broker, current high school history teacher and avid home cook.

What: Preppy Pig BBQ — the ultimate mobile meat experience. DeSocio trailers his eleven-foot-by-four-foot smoker behind, appropriately enough, a kelly-green Jeep with pink stripes. He scored the smoker, which he retrofitted, from a guy in Auburn, Alabama.

DeSocio launched last summer, after a successful Super Bowl party (and two smoked pork shoulders) spawned the idea. Business is going hog wild. Only constraint? Given New England’s winters, the venture is seasonal.

Where: As long as you can round up at least twenty-five friends (and cap it at 300), DeSocio will come to you. He does everything on-site and has done parties in backyards, on the polo grounds in Portsmouth, on Nantucket, even on the streets of downtown Providence.

Why: It’s the decade of the pig! Who doesn’t love smoked pork….and beef brisket and chicken and salmon? And then there are the sides: honey-jalapeno cornbread (courtesy of DeSocio’s mom, Ginger), coleslaw, three-cheese mac and cheese, slow-baked beans, and three kinds of BBQ sauce. His sister, Keleigh, does the desserts — brownies, cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies.

How: DeSocio’s dubbed his brand of BBQ Rhode Island-style. "I do everything local — the meat’s local, the honey’s local; I use local beer in one of my sauces and buy Bristol Bakery buns," he says. "It’s all sustainable Rhody." For more information, contact Preppy Pig at preppypigbbq.com or 595-2477.