Your Picks: 5 Places to Get Chicken Wings

The people have spoken! Here are our readers' favorite places for wings.

What makes a good wing? Is it perfectly fried, crispy skin? Oodles of sauce with a helluvalotta flavor? Or is it that mysterious something that blends texture, flavor and tantalizing scent into one harmonious package. It appears some local eateries have unlocked the wing’s many secrets; they’ve upgraded the humble foodstuff from a halftime snack into a full-blown art form. We asked you to tell us which restaurants have perfected the wing. Here are your picks:


Boneheads Wing Bar

Courtesy of Boneheads’ Facebook

Perusing through your comments, one name seemed to pop up 9.9 out of 10 times: Boneheads. So what are they doing that’s got everyone drooling? It’s all about the flavors. Boneheads has twenty dry rubs from savory garlic parmesan to spicy southwest jalapeno. And it has a whopping fifty-four sauces. Try a new sauce every day for a month and you’ll still have twenty-odd sauces to go. For spice-lovers, there are mouth shattering flavors like Hell’s Bells and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band. For eaters with milder tastes, try Just a Girl (a mild buffalo sauce) or Sweet Child O’ Mine (a sweet Thai chili sauce). 131 Washington St., West Warwick, 401-828-9464,



Courtesy of Tomaselli’s at Rosario’s Facebook

If you want creative flavors, Tomaselli’s at Rosario is the place to go. A number of their sauces are inspired by Italian cuisine, including the antipasto sauce with Italian cold cuts and banana peppers and the chicken parmigiana sauce with marinara and mozzarella cheese. If you’re a fan of buffalo sauce, they have five varieties (try the Sahara Hot Buffalo if you’d like a little extra kick). Enjoy jumbo wings slathered with your favorite flavors, and on Tuesdays, get wings for fifty cents a piece. 17 Rosario Dr., Providence, 401-464-4435,


Spike’s Junkyard Dogs

Courtesy of Spike’s Facebook

So Spike’s is best known for its hot dogs, and for good reason, but it also serves up a mean basket of wings. It offers four different varieties of buffalo sauce for every taste preference, from mild to extra hot. You even get classic sides, celery and blue cheese, with your buffalo wings. Chomp on crispy celery to cool off for a bit between bites of spicy goodness. Wash it all down with a bottle of Spike’s own root beer. 640 Reservoir Ave, Cranston, 401-781-7556; 1623 Warwick Ave, Warwick, 401-732-5858,

PJ’s Pub

Courtesy of PJ’s Pub’s Facebook

Chicken wings are classic bar grub, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that a pub has some of the best wings in the state. PJ’s is a great option if you’re scouting out for a variety of flavors. Try some of their creative, flamin’ options like Sriracha chili sauce or spicy Thai peanuts. Give some of their unusual dry rubs a taste: The mojito lime and the chipotle cinnamon are a fun culinary experience. For a great deal, visit on Mondays for thirty-five cent wings. Hang out with your buddies and chow down to your heart’s content. 1139 Pontiac Ave, Cranston, 401-383-5885; 198 Putnam Pike, Johnston, 401-349-0060,


Brass Monkey

Courtesy of Brass Monkey’s Facebook

Wings are, by nature, usually on the smaller side, and stripping the meat off tiny bones isn’t easy. But the folks at the Brass Monkey have a solution. Their jumbo wings offer way more meat, and if you want even  more bang for your buck, wings are thirty-five cents on Thursday nights. They’re slathered in a sauce of your choice, from garlic parmesan to bourbon. Pair your wings with a specialty cocktail like a Bayou Bugaloo, Monkey Punch or Honey Badger. If you’re looking for a simple pint of beer, they have twenty-one options on tap and even more bottles. 800 Allens Ave, Providence, 401-785-1818,