Pet Peeves for Pothole Season

Publisher John Palumbo on potholes and more.

This month’s cover story, “Best Towns,” by associate editor Jen McCaffery, is all about living in Rhode Island. Psychographics and a plethora of other research methodologies, like Prizm clusters, tell us that people of similar lifestyles, interests and demographics tend to live in places they consider more homogenous rather than the contrary. There are some well-chronicled stereotypes that our local comedic talents have long perpetuated and I certainly do not have the wit to replicate.

Here are a couple of pet peeves of yours truly, who is admittedly far from perfect in so many ways (and there are many people happy to verify):

As I write this, the holidays are far back in the rearview mirror and spring seems to have a glimmer of actually happening. Why do so many folks leave their Christmas decor up until it becomes completely unsightly?

(Doorbell): “Hi, you don’t know me, but I drive by your house every day on my way to work. Just wondering if you realize the thing composting on your front door with the tattered ribbon is your former Christmas wreath?” As we enter the month of green beer and zeppoles, there are waaaay too many still up.

Thankfully, due to astute leadership, preparation and forecasting, we are alerted well in advance of major winter storms like Juno.

That’s the good news. The bad? It gives the media that much more time to air storm preparation packages. At a time when a loaf of bread and milk are scarcely to be found, our brethren on television are offering helpful advice, such as: “You should have enough food and bottled water for a month. Be sure to have a very expensive and big generator backed up by a smaller one (try to find either one at Lowe’s then). If need be, cut a hole in your roof for fresh air until the helicopter rescue comes. And if you don’t have one, dig a root cellar and fill it with potatoes and parsnips, which may be eaten raw and frozen if need be. Take an online course prior to the storm for emergency medical certification just in case you need to perform an appendectomy.”

The Rhode may have potholes this time of year but enjoy it nonetheless. –J.J.P.