People Love Those Kicks

This morning, I went to the PPAC for their kick-off media event to announce the coming of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. It was kind of odd to be sitting in the auditorium, looking at Christmas lights and awaiting the Rockettes, while a near-emergency rainstorm raged outside. But I like odd. (Speaking of which, we also learned this morning that Mamma Mia! is returning to the PPAC next winter because it turns out that Providence is the country’s number-one ABBA market.) Today there were just six Rockettes, but the minute they started kicking, the audience burst into applause. You can’t help it, looking at them go. I haven’t been to the Spectacular in at least fifteen years, but seeing the excitement elicited by just six dancers reminded me of how insane people go for this show. It’s just one of those things.

Anyway, it was quite fun and a welcome way to take one’s mind off the basement for a few minutes. Read about the show (and the rest of PPAC’s excellent 2010/11 line-up) here.

Stay dry and safe.