Paul Revere, Patriot and Tea-Potter

The Newport Historical Society recently rediscovered an artifact crafted by our favorite Tea Party host.

It's certainly not new, but it's new to us: A Newport Historical Society staffer recently rediscovered a stunning rococo-style teapot crafted by our very favorite tea party host, Paul Revere. The silver pot, which was donated in 1998 by Frances Raymond but was boxed away, looks just like the beauty Revere handles in the famous 1798 portrait by John Singleton Copley

To learn more about the piece, the Newport Historical Society has called in Gerald W.R. Ward, senior consulting curator and the Katharine Lane Weems senior curator of American decorative arts and sculpture emeritus at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (could there be a more qualified guy for the job? We think not). The presentation, called "A Revere Revelation: A ‘New’ Teapot by Paul Revere the Patriot," is scheduled for this Thursday, March 6 and the public is invited to attend.

According to the press release, the talk "will place the teapot in the context of Revere’s work as Boston’s leading silversmith of the day and of the turbulent times of Boston in the 1760s, when many initial steps were taken leading to the American Revolution in which Revere would play a prominent part."

The Details: March 6. 5:30 p.m. $5, members $1. Newport Historical Society's Colony House, Washington Square, Newport, 401-841-8770,

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