Outrage of the Week

In homage to local TV show “A Lively Experiment,” I offer up this scenario. Picture the scene: a dozen thirty-something women, baby shower, weekend luncheon at local restaurant/banquet hall (no name will be used; suffice it to say said restaurant was not my choice). Champagne is poured, orders are placed. Three minutes later our server returns to inform us that for those of us who didn’t order an entrée, we would be charged an additional $3.50 per person.

Okay, I admit it; I ordered soup and salad, not because I was trying to save cash (my meal was more expensive than some of the entrees), but because I didn’t want chicken parm let alone a three-pound baked stuffed lobster at 11:30 a.m. I didn’t say anything (not my party), but it definitely raised a few questions — namely, is this even legal? I guess it also answered a question or two, too — namely, why Americans are, um, so fat. Check it out; it’s cheaper to over eat! Oh yeah, and it’s also more cost effective to drink booze at said restaurant. When we got the bill, we realized they charged the same for sparkling cider as they did for sparkling wine. The party organizer questioned it and was told, “Yup, that’s right.” So, um, yeah, drink on!