Our Fifteen Minutes

So with this deluge of rain has come a monsoon of press for our great little state. The Today Show, The Weather Channel, The New York Times — the list of national media outlets who have reported on our rising rivers and bloated basements is long. And deservedly so — a lot of our neighbors in Cranston, West Warwick and beyond are dealing with some super severe (and very sad) stuff.

I always get a kick out of how the state fares in the national news, and this time around one article in particular caught my eye. It was an AP piece that ran in the New York Times, and this is the lead (cue over-dramatic voice): "A record-shattering rainstorm hammered the Northeast on Tuesday, delivering widespread flooding for the second time this month and unleashing particular havoc in Rhode Island, a tiny coastal state already beleaguered by a sagging economy and backbreaking unemployment rate."

 Damn! Really?! As one friend of mine put it, why didn’t they just come right out and say that "It’s pouring in Rhode Island, and they can’t afford umbrellas." It would have saved space. Fortunately, we’re a resilient group. And we have a thick skin. And we would never put much stock in an article written by someone who feels the need to explain what Rhode Island is (a tiny coastal state, in case you weren’t paying attention).