One last look at the dating trenches

The last installment of quotes from real singles about what it’s like to be out there, in Rhode Island, dating.

From an early 30s female doctor: In the 30 to 40 age group, most people are having kids.

From a 50-year-old divorcee: I really don’t know where to go to meet people. I have a lot of friends in the same situation. We don’t want to go to bars.

From a late-20s teacher: I grew up here. You go out and see the same people all the time and if I didn’t like them in high school, I’m not going to like them now.

From a 30-year-old sales assistant: One guy, on a third date, asked “Can I have some sugar?” That’s far more training than I have time for.

From a mid-30s education professional: I have a good job, a house, no debt. I want to meet someone who brings the same things to the table I do. It’s a small pool to choose from.

From a female doctor: I don’t think guys my age really want an independent, successful woman.

From a male doctor: Unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow me to get to New York City very often –– it’s so much more happening there, and more multi-cultural.

From a late-30s male real estate developer: I’ve been here since 1989 and there are a lot more jobs and reasons for people to stay now.

From a 22-year-old bartender: Why would I pay money to go on a website and maybe hook up with a girl when I can pay money for drinks at a bar and maybe hook up? At least I know I’ll get the drinks.

From a college student: Rhode Island is such a small state. If I’m interested in a particular female I can easily find out her friends and entire dating history.

From an early-30s banker: The average age of the person I’m dating is often younger (currently 19). I don’t think professional women my age are looking in the same places as me.

From a late 30s male professional: I met a guy online and we dated for two and a half years; it was a good experience. But meeting in person in much easier and more comfortable –– the eye contact, that assurance of knowing who you’re dealing with.

From an early 40s photographer: With my career, it’ll be ten years before I can have kids, so I tend to look for younger women. And you know what I think? Yoga classes. The best relationship I’ve had, I met her in yoga class.